Jinshu - Seiji Ito

Seiji Ito - Jinshu

1945 - Born in Tokoname

1966 - Graduated from Nagoya City Technical High School

1970 - Begins making tea ceramics

Won a large number of awards:

- Master of Traditional Craftsman

- Aichi Governor Awar of Traditional Crafts Industrial Meri

- Aichi Gover Awar for excellence of Traditional industry experienced craftsman

- Award for excellence of Labor Department technical test

- 26th Choza Manufacture Exhibition Grand Prix "Time of relief"

- 30th Choza Manufacture Exhibition Grand Prix "Relax Time"

- Choza Manufacture prize won 10 times

- Choza Manufacture encouraging prize won 5x

- Ceramic Design Competition won 2x

- Mino International Ceramic Festival won 2x

- 8th Tableware competition encouraging prize

- 9th tableware competition - winner

- Winner of Chunichi International Ceramic Art Exhibition

- Winner of Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition

- Winner of Tokai International Crafts Exhibition

- 6x Winner Choza Ceramic Art Exhibition

- Hoenkan Grand Prix jurys special award

- Royal Warrant

- Production Area Promotional Exhibition encouraging prize of Minister of International Trade and Industry

- Production Area Promotional Exhibition Chief of Chubu Economic Industry Prize

- Production Area Promotional Exhibition Aichi Governor Award.