About us

Hi there fellow tea enthusiast, my name is Martin Drabek! 

I am a proud father of two children, an eternal dreamer and an avid lover of tea, nature, photography and bonsai trees.

I became crazed for tea 25 years ago and ever since my passion for tea has kept burning. In 2013 I imported tea for the first time. Since then every shipment that arrived filled me with immense joy. During the current turbulent times I made the decision to offer teas that have brought me so much joy, to tea drinkers in EU. 

I’d like to offer you a tranquil shopping experience and a range of no-compromise, exceptional teas curated by me. 

If you have any suggestions, recommendations, or requirements, please reach out to me. We’ll figure something out to satisfy that tea craving of yours.  

So come along and have a sip!​ Hope that this site will become your Tea Terroir!

Martin Drábek, founder of TeaTerroir!