1993 Nantou Heritage Wuyi - 50g - Weight: 100g

1993 Nantou Heritage Wuyi - 50g - Weight: 100g

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Product code: 1993NWO-3 Shipping and Payment

1993 Nantou Heritage Wuyi - 50g 

Aged oolong tea from the Nantou region, from the Wuyi cultivar. Harvested in 1993. 

The Wuyi cultivar was imported from the Wuyishan region of China between 1796 and 1820 to Taiwan and was originally planted around Taipei and then spread further around the island. Currently, this cultivar is not as widespread because it does not have the typical floral aroma and flavour of other currently popular cultivars in Taiwan, which are used to produce lightly oxidised, high mountain oolongs. 

The appearance of the leaf is best specified by photos, the colour of the rolled leaf ranges from light to dark brown, the leaf form is a sort of intermediate between a whole leaf and a bead tea. The colour of the infusion is almost amber, with a longer infusion into darker shades. 

Both dry and wet, the leaf smells of dates and elderberries, with a light fruitiness. The flavour is a combination of dates, or prunes and lime, which accompanies you through all the infusions and gradually gives way to the taste of an archive tea. It is very different in taste from the other archival oolongs on offer. 

A unique tea, standing out from the many archival oolongs on offer.


Preparation per 100ml - 5-6g, 95°C, 40s-1min, lasts for 6 or more infusions, depending on your preparation method.

For aged teas I recommend a quick rinse, then let the tea rest for a while, smell it and then proceed to the first infusion.