2020 Three Cranes 05031 Liu Bao - 50g

2020 Three Cranes 05031 Liu Bao - 50g

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Product code: P00009 Shipping and Payment

2020 Three Cranes 05031 Liu Bao - 50g


Liu Bao with medium fermentation from Three Cranes - Wuzhou.

Intense aroma of dry leaf combining noble wood, walnuts, light sweetness. Clean processing and very nicely crafted small leaf with a proportion of golden tips.

Very fine, full and velvety smooth flavour where the lower level of fermentation is clearly evident. Very pleasant and easy to drink with flavours combining noble wood, walnuts, cocoa, light fruitiness in the background and an interesting fresh component, perhaps eucalyptus, light earthiness, very pleasant aftertaste.

A little bit of history - Liu Bao, as we meet it in modern times, became known mainly because of the miners who came to Malaysia from Guangdong province in the early 20th century.  It was in Malaysia that the tea's purported health benefits were put to the test in sustaining the lives of these miners.  Due to the tea's ability to cool the body and relax the lungs, it quickly became the favourite tea of all Chinese miners in Malaysia, regardless of the province they migrated from.

As the demand for this tea grew, a class of traders in Guangdong and Hong Kong formed to process and export Liu Bao tea, some of which are still operating today.
One of these is Four Gold Coins.  Based in Hong Kong, this iconic Liu Bao brand has been in operation since the end of the Qing Dynasty.


Quality: Special Grade

Recipe: 05031

Producer: Three Cranes - Wuzhou

Start of aging: 02/2020

Packed: 8/2022


Preparation per 100ml:

4-5g, 95C, 30-40s, second infusion 30s, further extend the time interval. According to taste preference.