Equinox - Bada Shan Da Shu - 200g - Weight: 200g

Equinox - Bada Shan Da Shu - 200g - Weight: 200g


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Product code: EQ-2 Shipping and Payment

Equinox - Bada Shan Da Shu - 200g

The famous Bada Shan Da Shu from old trees, which are characterized by their height and therefore deeply embedded roots, which affects the final character of the tea, minerality.  It is harvested from trees located in the forest cover of the Bada Mountains at 1700-1900 m, in an area where the royal tea tree Cha shu wang is also found.

The tea was harvested this year during the autumnal equinox, which falls on 23/9, hence the name of the cake, Equinox. It is, of course, hand harvested.

A tea with stimulating effects on the body and contemplative effects on the state of mind. Pressed especially for us, the design of our cakes also comes from the Czech meadows and groves and we believe that they captivate, they make us happy.

The cake can be easily sliced using a puerh awl, it is pressed on demand medium strength so that as much of the whole tea leaves are preserved as possible when breaking off and no breakage occurs.

The tea is stored in a pumidor where the humidity is maintained at 62-68%.

The tea offers a medium-bodied body and the right combination of the typical bitterness we expect from fresh sheng tea combined with a coppery sweet aftertaste, a combination of peach and plum flesh flavors. The tea changes its character and flavour profile over time.


Brewing: 100ml, 4-5g, 90-95°C, 10-15s min. first and second infusion, then lengthen the interval by seconds, according to each tea drinker's taste, lasts for many infusions.