Jinshu Kyusu no.2 - 240 ml

Jinshu Kyusu no.2 - 240 ml

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Product code: P00113 Shipping and Payment

Jinshu Kyusu no.2 - 240 ml


Kyusu by master Jinshu - Seiji Ito. Precision crafted watering can from a renowned master. The jug has a volume of 240ml, with the leaves count something around 200ml. Precision crafted strainer of unusual size and fine perforations.

Another unique piece in the wide range of top quality Japanese ceramics.

Seiji Ito - Jinshu

1945 - Born in Tokoname

1966 - Graduated from Nagoya City Technical High School

1970 - Begins making tea ceramics

Won a large number of awards:

- Master of Traditional Craftsman

- Aichi Governor Awar of Traditional Crafts Industrial Meri

- Aichi Gover Awar for excellence of Traditional industry experienced craftsman

- Award for excellence of Labor Department technical test

- 26th Choza Manufacture Exhibition Grand Prix "Time of relief"

- 30th Choza Manufacture Exhibition Grand Prix "Relax Time"

- Choza Manufacture prize won 10 times

- Choza Manufacture encouraging prize won 5x

- Ceramic Design Competition won 2x

- Mino International Ceramic Festival won 2x

- 8th Tableware competition encouraging prize

- 9th tableware competition - winner

- Winner of Chunichi International Ceramic Art Exhibition

- Winner of Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition

- Winner of Tokai International Crafts Exhibition

- 6x Winner Choza Ceramic Art Exhibition

- Hoenkan Grand Prix jurys special award

- Royal Warrant

- Production Area Promotional Exhibition encouraging prize of Minister of International Trade and Industry

- Production Area Promotional Exhibition Chief of Chubu Economic Industry Prize

- Production Area Promotional Exhibition Aichi Governor Award.

Before use: rinse the teapot in hot water and let it dry completely before using it for the first time

Maintenance: do not use detergents, dishwasher. Clean by hand, with clean water, no chemicals. Do not clean with clean detergents. The teapot should be left to dry after each use. Ideally, specify the teapot for the specific type of tea for which it will always be used.