Kyusu NS.9 - 160 ml

Kyusu NS.9 - 160 ml

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Product code: NKS9 Shipping and Payment

Norbert Švarc Kyusu NS.9 - 160 ml


Hand sculpted Kyusu teapot made of stoneware fired at high temperatures.

The teapots are suitable for the preparation of all types of loose teas. This teapot was designed for green tea. Different shapes are more suitable for different types of teas, it is up to you. Each teapot includes a strainer.

The teapot is glazed inside.


The author is the ceramist Norbert Švarc.

Volume: 160 ml
Height: 7 cm
Diameter: 8,5 cm

Before use: rinse the teapot in hot water and let it dry completely before first use

Maintenance: do not use detergents, dishwasher. Clean by hand, with clean water, without chemicals. Do not clean with clean detergents. The teapot should be left to dry after each use. Ideally, specify the teapot for the specific type of tea for which it will always be used.