Seiho - Tsuzuki Takao - 220 ml

Seiho - Tsuzuki Takao - 220 ml

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Product code: Seiho-1 Shipping and Payment

Seiho - Tsuzuki Takao - 220 ml


Japanese Kyusu teapot with side grip by master Seiho - Tsuzuki Takao.

Each piece is original, there may be slight differences, it is handmade.



1944 - Master Tsuzuki Takao born, currently 79 years old and still creating.

1964 - Opened his ceramic studio


Prizes won:

Ceramic Design competition - 3 x.

All Japan Youth Traditional Craft Exhibition Category Award

Tokai Traditional Craft Exhibition - 4x.

Choza Award Ceramic Art Exhibition - 5 x

Choza Award - 5, Gold Award

Japan Traditional Craft Exhibition - 4x

Traditional Industry Expert Prefectural Governor Prize


A beautiful collection piece. It is not always possible to find these masterful teapots again, they are always one of a kind and rarities.


Before use: rinse the teapot in hot water and allow to dry completely before first use

Maintenance: do not use detergents, dishwasher. Clean by hand, with clean water, without chemicals. Do not clean, clean with detergents. The teapot should be left to dry after each use. Ideally, specify the teapot for the specific type of tea for which it will always be used.