Super Fancy Oriental Beauty - 50g

Super Fancy Oriental Beauty - 50g

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Product code: SFOB Shipping and Payment

Super Fancy Oriental Beauty - 50g

This tea has many names:Donf Fang Mei Ren, Formosa oolong, Champagne oolong, Bai Hao Oolong, White tip Oolong, Oriental beauty, Eastern Beauty, Pong Fong tea, Bai Mao Hou.

100 years ago, this tea was called Formosa oolong, and in the period from the Qin Dynasty until the era of Japanese occupation, it had a majority share among teas exported to Europe and the UK. During this period, the tea was also called Champagne oolong. The name 'Oriental Beauty' was given to this tea by Queen Elizabeth II of England, who named it so after tasting it.

There have been many names and stories associated with this tea. However, the original name was Bai Hao Oolong in Chinese and White Tip Oolong in English, which translates to the same thing. The tea is therefore produced from the delicate young leaves and the top whitish tips.

The Taiwanese name 'Pong Fong tea' is also linked to an interesting story from the Japanese occupation.

A tea grower in the Xin Zhu area produced tea that was attacked by insects. Despite this, he took it to the market in Taipei city and, to his surprise, sold it for a very good price. When he returned to the village and told the people how much he had made for this tea, no one wanted to believe it. That's where the name Pong Fong comes from, which translates as overpriced, exaggerated, exaggerating.

This tea is different from the others in many ways. High oxidation rate, between 70-80%. Also, the harvesting period, which takes place between June and July, the time when the tea plant is infested with insects. The insects disrupt the structure of the leaves and thus allow the oxidation process to take place partly on the plant, before harvesting.

The highest varieties of this tea offer a honeyed flavour and aroma and the leaf comes in five colours - white, green, yellow, red and brown. The lower varieties offer a more coppery-fruity aroma and flavour and less leaf colour.

We offer an excellent medium variety of this delicious oolong in our shop - see photos in this post. Honey-fruity aroma and flavour of a fine first infusion, which is a fresh amber colour. The second infusion then allows you to feel the extra subtle spice. The tea has a pleasant, sweet aftertaste and is sure to please any lover of oriental beauties.


Harvest: June 2023

Area: Zhusan, Nantou county, 600m

Harvesting: by hand

Cultivar: Qing Xin


Preparation per 200ml - 5-6g, 98°C, 1-2min, lasts 3 to 3 infusions

Preparation for 100ml - Gong fu Cha - 5-7g, 98°C, 15-25s first and second infusion, then extend the interval. Lasts for several infusions.